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"Biotechnology means any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use."

 Before the 1970s, the term, Biotechnology, was primarily used in food processing and agriculture industries. Since 1970s, it began to refer to laboratory-based techniques developed in biological research, such as recombinant DNA or tissue culture-based processes. In fact, the term should be used in a much broader sense to describe the whole range of methods, both ancient and modern, used to manipulate organic matter to meet human needs. Therefore, the term can be defined as, "The application of indigenous and/or scientific knowledge to the management of (parts of) microorganisms, or of cells and tissues of higher organisms so that these supply goods and services of use to human beings

 There has been a great deal of talk - and money - poured into biotechnology with the hope that miracle drugs will appear. While there do seem to be a small number of efficacious drugs, in general, the biotech revolution has not happened in the pharmaceutical sector. However, given recent progress with monoclonal antibody-based drugs, biotech may finally find a role in pharmaceutical sales.
 Research Trends
  • Combined effects of compounds derived from plants and microorganisms on antibiotic susceptibility in order to reduce morbidity and antibiotic resistance
  • Biofilm and the effects of drugs mastered
  • Evaluation of antimicrobial compounds from plants
  • Methods of determination of antibiotic microbe pollution
  • Synthesis of new compounds with pharmaceutical activity, including those regulating calcium channels, suppressed immune system users, protein kinase inhibitors as anti-cancer, anti-Leishmania agents and tuberculosis
  • Designing and using molecular modeling software Gold, Mod, Dock
  • Analysis of drugs and plant materials such as saffron by spectroscopy HPLC, UV-Visible
  • Designing and Synthesis of Poly Vector transfection activity of cationic and Intelligent Design Vector-based fusion proteins for use in gene update
  • Effect of inflammation on the molecular mechanism of drug resistance in cancer
  • Nucleotide polymorphisms in multiple genes for drug resistance (MDR) and CYP and their effect on the incidence of disease and drug kinetics pharmacogenetics
  • Effects of antigen toxic products from natural materials
  • Multiple drug resistance gene expression, Pgp function and effects of these pumps due to their pharmacokinetic
  • Effect of natural factors with the plant origin on human tumor cell lines
  • Cancer therapy using nano Particle by target-seeking
  • Development of vaccines against Leishmania using topical formulations liposomes 
  • Formulation and Drug update factor peptides and proteins

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