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  Nanobiotechnology Department

PhD in Pharmaceutics, Full Professor
Email: jafariMR[at]



♦  Development of nanolipoparticles containing cytotoxic drugs for the treatment of cancer

Development of vaccine against cutaneous leishmaniasis using new drug delivery systems such as liposomes, nanospheres and nanoemulsions as immunoadjuvant with total leshmanial antigens ( ALM, SLA) or     recombinant Antigens (rLmaCIN, rLmSTI1, rGP63)

Development of vaccine against cancer using new drug delivery systems such as liposomes, nanospheres and nanoemulsions as immunoadjuvant and tumor specific antigens

♦  Developments of topican liposomes containing different anti-leishmanial drugs such as amphotericin B, Glucantim and paromomycin for the treatment of coetaneous leishmanisis

♦  Development of lipid based nano particles for nucleic acid delivery

Sonicator (Probe, Bath) – Hemogeniser((Probe Hemogenizer, Bead beater, Microfluidizer) - ElISA Reader - Washer ElISA – Microcentrifuge – Electrophoresis (vertical, horizontal)




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