Research Trends


MUMS Biotechnology Research Center


Research Trends

  • The combined effects of compounds derived from plants and antibiotics susceptibility of microorganisms to antimicrobial resistance and reduced immunogenicity
  • Biofilm formation and the effects of drugs on them
  • Evaluation of the antimicrobial compounds produced plants
  • Determination of antimicrobial susceptibility methods
  • Synthesis of new compounds with pharmacological activity, including calcium channel regulator suppressing the immune system, protein kinase inhibitors as anticancer agents, anti-leishmania and TB
  • Design and molecular modeling using specialized software, Gold, Mod, Dock
  • Analysis of drugs and herbs like saffron by spectrometry HPLC, UV-Visible
  • Design and synthesis of poly-cationic vectors and transfection activity
  • Intelligent design based on protein fusion vectors for use in gene delivery
  • The effect of inflammation on the molecular mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer
  • Nucleotide polymorphisms multi-drug resistance gene (MDR) and CYP and their effects on the incidence of diseases and pharmacokinetic
  • Anti-genotoxic effect of natural products
  • Expression of multi-drug resistance, the Pgp pump function and pharmacokinetic effects resulting from plant origin on human tumor cell lines
  • Natural factors of plant origin on human tumor cell lines
  • Isolation and purification of chitinase producing organisms acetyl glucose amine drug use
  • Cancer treatment using targeted nano particles
  • Design and develop a vaccine against Leishmania using topical formulations Liposomal
  • Formulation and drug delivery of peptides and proteins


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